Quality Approach

Quality Basics of BGN FORRER

• Continuous training of the personnel on the products and on their production process.
• Application - Implementation of Zero-Defects Philosophy.
• The main target is the complete customer satisfaction.
  - Product delivery on-time
  - Competent partner
• Continuous improvement of the Quality Assurance Plan.
• Participation of the personnel in the improvement of the Quality Assurance Plan.

Quality goal setting of BGN FORRER

• Clearly defined.
• Achievability - Feasibility.
• Communicated and agreed with the personnel.

Supply chain - Quality structure

Quality Plan

• Quality indicators.
• Research and Introduction of quality tools (FMEA, NCR).

Source / Return Source

• Supplier Quality Management.
• Control Plans, Procedures and Standards.

Make / Delivery

• Process audits.
• Product audits.
• Outgoing inspection.

BGN FORRER is familiar with the concepts of Supply Chain Management. The modern - innovative ideas that are used as well as the implementation of a lean supply chain management that the company has adopted, integrates the complete picture of a business with a strong will to streamline its processes by eliminating waste and non-value added activities to its business. BGN FORRER has a number of areas in its supply chain where waste can be identified as time, cost or inventory. The implementation of such a lean supply chain management improves the company’s competitiveness as well as the company’s overal

Process Monitoring

Incoming Inspection

• Quality plan of BGN FORRER encapsulates all the characteristics for each product that have to be inspected. The quality plans are created by Technical Support and Quality Assurance departments. Samples are chosen according to DIN-2859.

Factory Acceptance Test (FAT)

• According to the Bill of Material (BOM) or customer demands.

Production Controlling

• Tools like FMEA. POKA YOKE and INTERLOCKING are used.


• Visual inspection according to IPC-A-610D.
• Functional test according to the customer demands

Outgoing Inspection

• Quality acceptance by Quality Assurance representative. Sample is chosen according to DIN-2859. Data is collected and evaluated in a weekly basis.

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